Sarah Adams

As Dolly Parton

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About show

This is a fully costumed, high energy program covering  all the great hits originally performed by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, together with classic and modern country music, with line dancing and contact with audience, which has brought audiences across Europe and Canada to their feet in amazement and delight, dancing and singing, and joining the fun. They play country music for a listening audience as well as for those who like to dance. They have shared stages with European country stars such as Tom Astor and Truck Stop band, and many more, and participated in TV and radio shows and country music festivals all over the world.

A night full of both kinds of music, country AND western, expensive costumes, too much make up, too much hair and big … emotions.

  • Mobile +357 97 6606 77
  • email: info (at)
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