Mamma mia movie tribute

Based on ABBA songs

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About show

Mamma Mia Movie Tribute by Duo Joker is a show based on sensational ABBA songs. This is not just another ABBA tribute where two beautiful young girls bounce around in revealing costumes making funny choreography. This is tribute to the Mamma Mia movies where everybody sings ABBA songs –          boys, girls, even Cher!
You’ll see Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan from movie Mamma mia,  Agnetha and Frida from ABBA, but most of all you’ll  have fun dancing and singing along to all your favourite ABBA songs.

‘Mamma Mia Movie Tribute’ is a beautifully costumed, high energy, funny show with elements of drag queen and costume changes, but most importantly, a beautiful, almost original Agnetha, voice singing live.

As one of the leading Croatian newspapers put it: “And the thing is, she really does sound exactly like Agnetha”.

Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

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  • email: info (at)

Mamma mia movie tribute on the stage

All around the world, Canada, UK, Germany, Austia, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus

Audio live

Recorded during summer 2019. at Cyprus

All songs are covered by Duo Joker.   

Sound engineer:                      Brad A Joker

Produced by:
       Joker production

The winner takes it all



Money, money, money

I have a dream

Dancing queen

Thank you for the music

Ring, ring

Happy New Year

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Take a chance

Does your mother know

Mamma mia

Slipping through my fingers

One of us

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