Duo Joker

Mini Show band

Our story

Our story started in spring 1992., and has been working in the same composition. Since then SnowWhite Crow and Brad A Joker perform all over the Europe and Canada. They have shared stages with European country stars such as Tom Astor and Truck Stop band, and many more, and participated in TV and radio shows and country music festivals all over the world. 

In the year 2010. SnowWhite Crow had very successful performance at the Super Talent, at Nova TV, Croatia.
Twenty-year anniversary of very successful performing the duo celebrated in England (London) where SnowWhite began recording her first original songs for the London Downtown Records, and the celebration continues in the summer engagement in Cyprus where they still live until today.

Duo Joker on the stages

All around the world, Canada, UK, Germany, Austia, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus

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